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FireDNA: who are the system users?

FireDNA software catalogues Manufacturers product data, digitally shares it with Contractors and Installers, who in turn add their installation data, passing that onto Building Owners and FM’s.

That data can then be used by Maintenance Teams, Fire Inspectors and viewed by Tenants and Residents alike.

FireDNA Monitoring Passive Fire Products Safety and Compliance. Ensuring Transparency & Accountability along the ‘Chain of Responsibility’

Building Owners & Facilities Management

FireDNA digital tools give you total control over all of the crucial stages involved in making sure all of the passive fire products within your portfolio are safe and compliant, and will ultimately do what they are designed to do when called upon.

The FireDNA system is not only available on new products from accredited manufacturers but can also be ‘retro-fitted’ to your existing passive fire products, giving you complete control over all of your passive fire assets.

Tenant Management Organisations

FireDNA delivers unambiguous, accurate and transparent passive fire product data. Information is key to keeping you up-to-date with the current status of your buildings and premises, enabling you to confidently report back to your committee and community.

FireDNA enables you to keep everyone updated and informed on the fire safety and maintenance requirements of all of your passive fire products, building by building, floor by floor and dwelling by dwelling.

Product Manufacturers

FireDNA has been designed specifically for manufacturers of passive fire products. We know you want your products to be the best they can be, using the most up-to-date fire resistant ‘tested and certified’ materials, because you know that ultimately your products can help save lives.

Our manufacturer module allows you to input your full product ‘DNA’ at the time of manufacture. From size, shape, materials, finish, and any specification or installation guidance documents, imagery and test certification, digitally attaching all of this data to each specific product before it’s packed and despatched.

Contractors & Installers

FireDNA gives Contractors and Installers the ability to document and date stamp all of their passive fire product installations. Our app will allow you to ‘claim’ ownership of the product from the manufacturer by simply scanning the embedded ‘SmartChip’. In doing this you’ll be able to access all of the manufacturer’s product ‘DNA’ data, information sheets, installation guidelines, tolerance standards, specifications and recommendations.

This will enable you to guarantee that the product supplied was as specified and to confirm that your assigned fitters have been able to install the product correctly, in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, making every install fully compliant and safe.

Fire Inspectors

FireDNA records critical product information and data vital for Fire Inspectors to be able to evaluate and assess what they are inspecting. They can also check and ensure that the product installed aligns with what’s in the digital record, and if any changes have been made.

In addition, if any damage or wear issues have arisen that will affect the performance, structural integrity, or ‘moving part’ componentry that could compromise any fire resistance capabilities.

Maintenance Teams

FireDNA is ideal for Maintenance Teams as it provides access to the current status of all of the passive fire products within your remit. By scanning any FireDNA enabled product on-site you will get the latest compliance data and be able to make any maintenance adjustments or changes needed, effectively keeping the product up-to-date at all times.

You can add photographs of any remedial works and attach supporting documentation covering any component changes. This ensures your maintenance updates are still in line with the manufacturers’ guidelines and fire safety test evidence.

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