Passive Fire Product app Features that assist you in fire safety and prevention

The Fire DNA passive fire product tracking app collects the data from passive fire products and shares the information with contractors and installers. After the installation data is entered this is then passed to the building owners and facility managers. From here, the information can then be used by Fire Inspectors, Maintenance Teams and can even be viewed by the tenants and residents of the building.

Product Manufacturing

We designed our FireDNA passive fire product tracking app specifically for manufacturers of passive fire products. . We know you want your products to be the best they can be, using the most up-to-date fire resistant ‘tested and certified’ materials, because you know that ultimately your products can help save lives.

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  • Fire rated products are entered in line with required specifications
  • Installation and permissible repair guidelines/documents uploaded for use during fit-out and ongoing maintenance
  • Certification & manufacturer details attached for compliance
  • Fire-DNA QR codes and NFC tags activated for immediate identification and access
  • Product delivery status flagged for full/part deliveries
  • Compliant handover process to Contractors and Installers
New Fit-out & Project Management

FireDNAs passive fire product tracking gives you the ability to document and date stamp all of your passive fire product installations, in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines, making every install fully compliant and safe.


  • Project sharing between main contractors, sub-contractors and specialist trades in order to manage consistency and compliance
  • Import and organise manufacturer’s data easily in your dashboard and monitor delivery of passive fire products to site
  • Add installation data and attach supporting photography
  • Monitor the status of installations in real-time as they are carried out on site
  • Digitally sign-off installations, and pass your completed and compliant installations onto clients seamlessly
Legacy Audit & Inspection

In a number of large scale case studies FireDNA has shown it can half the time in carrying out audits and fire door inspections compared with existing methods. Our digital fire door tracking also negates the need for time intensive paperwork and has shown to save significant time (upto 70%) in creating inspection reports and remedial costing documentation. 


  • Digitally capture inspection data on-site, with and without an internet connection
  • Attach photographic evidence to support inspections showing where remedial works or replacements are needed
  • Generate branded costing and inspection reports from your audited projects and easily share your results with clients
Ongoing Maintenance & Asset Management

FireDNA digital tools give you total control over the crucial stages involved in making sure all of the passive fire products within your portfolio are compliant, safe and will ultimately do what they are designed to do, when called upon.


  • Take ownership of compliant records that support the O & M manual
  • All ongoing changes are logged so that the full product lifecycle is preserved and protected
  • Assign system users and set permissions (in-house maintenance teams)
  • Share buildings with external Fire-DNA Data Partners for ongoing remedials
  • Create work schedules for ongoing maintenance and inspections
  • Building compliance status can be shared with interested parties (Insurers, Building Control, Fire Services)
Transparency & Reassurance for the Public

What good is the ‘golden thread’ of data if the people who rely and depend on it don’t get to see it in action for themselves. FireDNA provides the general public who are living, working or visiting a building a solution to see and can have peace of mind that they are safe from fire. 

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FireDNA allows Contractors and Installers to document and date stamp passive fire product installations. Sign-up today and you’ll be able to input/access manufacturer’s product ‘DNA’ data: installation guidelines and specifications. This will enable you to ensure that the product supplied was as specified and to confirm that your assigned fitters have been able to install the product to the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

The more passive fire products you activate with FireDNA, the more benefits and rewards you could receive!’

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