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But first, here’s a quick summary of how FireDNA offers Passive Fire Protection Software for Contractors & Installers and why you should use it:

FireDNA’d Products For Contractors

If you’ve taken delivery of passive fire products from a manufacturer / supplier with the FireDNA logo on it, then it has been digitally tagged with either a QR Code, a NFC Chip or both. You’ll find the tagging embedded or attached to the product, identified with a FireDNA label.

Fire protection software for installers

What does this mean?

This means that the manufacturer / supplier has signed-up to be a FireDNA ‘Specifier Partner’ which enables them to digitally attach their key information and specifications relating to the product’s manufacture, certification and installation guidance.

Fire protection software for installers

The Importance of Passive Fire Protection for Contractors & Installers

Fire protection software for installers and contractors needs to be installed by the manufacturers’ instructions ‘to make them compliant and safe’. FireDNA gives you the information you need, via our cloud-based software straight to your mobile device or desktop, enabling you to correctly install and maintain these products.

Fire protection software for installers

How can I access this information?

To access the information the manufacturer or supplier has uploaded, simply sign-up to FireDNA by following the steps below. FireDNA offers a subscription service for fire protection software for installers, but you can start with a FREE trial for a limited time. Why not also apply to become a FireDNA Network Alliance ‘Data Partner’, which brings many benefits for you and your customers?

Fire protection software for installers

To start scanning your FireDNA’d products follow the 3 simple sign-up steps below:

1. Fill in our Sign-Up Form

If you are a passive fire protection installer or contractor, click on the button opposite to complete our ‘Sign-up’ form. Once completed and submitted, you’ll then be set up as a customer, we can then talk you through the software modules and costs applicable for your business and how you’d like to use the FireDNA system.

Fire protection software for installers

2. Try our limited-time FREE Trial

We are offering a fully functional, short FREE trial so you can find out if the FireDNA Fire protection software is right for you. Simply fill in the application form below and we’ll contact you about a quick run-through and set up your trial period App login and password. You can then try the software for a limited time with no further obligation.

Fire protection software for installers

3. Download the FireDNA App

Scan the QR Code opposite to download the App from the Apple App Store or from Google Play for Android. Once downloaded login to start scanning your FireDNA products.

Fire protection software for installers barcode

Once you’ve received your login and password details you’ll be able to:

View the ‘DNA’ data for your FireDNA products

Once signed up, you’ll be able to import the fire protection software for your contractors that have been activated within your delivery. Scan a product and select the one you want to drill-down into. You’ll then be able to see that product’s full ‘DNA’ with all of its associated data and PDF attachments. You’ll also be able to allocate products to projects, buildings or floors.

Fire protection software for installers app

Start your inspection and /or installation

You can now add your inspection and/or installation information to your contractor’s passive fire products ensuring they are compliant and meet the manufacturers’ guidance. You’ll also be able to add photos, straight from your device, and can share that information with other members of the team. Our fire protection software also enables you to upload floorplans and pin the products to that plan.

Fire protection software for installers

Share your uploaded data with your customers

Once you’ve completed your inspections and/or installations, and have signed off your work, you’ll then be able to share that information with your customers, with the simple click of a button. You’ll also be able to generate and output full inspection reports, and costing summary sheets.

Fire protection software for installers

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