Our new ‘Reg10’ form on the FireDNA App enables quarterly checks to be carried-out with ease, using our simple ‘drop-down’ form, where photographic evidence can also be attached. Once the checks have been completed, the data can be automatically formatted into a Word Doc / PDF report ready for issuing to maintenance teams to undertake the remedial works. The reports can also be issued to qualified Fire Door Inspectors to review, to ascertain if further professional investigation is required.

Our form aligns with the government guidance on conducting quarterly checks where Responsible Persons are advised to check the following:

•  If there has been any alterations or damage to a door’s glazing apertures or air transfer grille
•  If there are any gaps around the door frame and that seals and hinges are fitted correctly
•  That the door closer shuts the door
•  That the door closes correctly around the whole frame
•  That there is no visible damage (either deliberate or from wear and tear) to the door or door closer

You can find the full guidance fact sheet here