Dates: 5th & 6th September 2023

All buildings, all builders – an essential guide to the widespread impacts of the new building safety regime

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Event Summary

Webinar Overview

Our two-day free webinar comprises of a keynote speech followed by focussed presentations around the key themes. At the end of the speaker sessions, there will be an open panel discussion among the speakers on both days. You will have the opportunity to ask questions directly of our panel in advance or during webinar.


  • Clarification of the Hackitt report, eight key recommendations and discussion around the specific evidence that regulation change is having the desired effect
  • When are we likely to see more rigorous enforcement taking place and greater action against non-compliance? Is 1 October 2023 another pivotal point?
  • How will these changes impact buildings other than ‘HRRB’ and over what timeframe will we start to see clarity?
  • How are these changes impacting industry directly (from design and build through to occupancy and maintenance)?
  • What does it take to achieve transparency of fire information throughout the building lifecycle?
  • What obstacles and challenges are organisations experiencing in applying change (processes, finances, skills and competencies, culture) and do we have a skills gap?
  • Is culture really shifting from ‘web of blame’ to ownership and accountability?

Featured Speakers & Panellists

Meet Our Event Speakers

Day 1:

5th September 2023: 10am – 12.30pm

Exploring how the Hackitt report has underpinned regulation change, and whether these changes are having the desired effect across the industry. What are we likely to see over the next 18 months

Key note speaker

Dame Judith Hackitt

Since publishing her final report in 2018, Dame Judith Hackitt has continued to press for regulatory change and for industry culture change and her recommendations for radical reform of the regulatory system received Royal Assent in the Building Safety Act 2022. She acts as an independent adviser to the UK Government on Building Safety.

Ben Oram

Head of Technical – Buckley Gray Yeoman

Ben Blackwood

Head of on-site design at Ballymore Asset Management Ltd

Nicola Markell

Technical Compliance Director – Sir Robert McApline

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Coming soon

Day 2:

6th September 2023: 10am – 12.30pm

How new regulations are directly affecting organisations in terms of products, processes, skills & competencies, and the financial impact. Is industry culture changing and can it embrace digital data sharing?

Key note speaker

Hanna Clarke


Hanna represents CPA at the Industry Response Group and works closely with the DLUHC, the new Building Safety Regulator and the OPSS on the construction product and competence work resulting from the Hackitt review. She also sits on the IRG Competence Steering Group (CSG), is chair of the CSG Strategy Group and co-chair of WG12 Product Competence Group.

Iain McIlwee

Chief Executive – FIS

Douglas Masterson

Technical Manager – GAI

Will Hunnam


Dr Stephen Hamil

Innovation director – NBS

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