Elliott Brown, Managing Director and Owner of The FDI has been using the FireDNA Software & App for several years’ now, here’s what he has to say…

“I’m a big advocate for innovative products coming into our industry to ensure vital fire safety information is easily accessible. I am an even bigger advocate of FireDNA as our chosen product to assist with this. The FDI have a total of 15,000 doors inspected on this system with the same amount projected to be uploaded by the end of 2023. Each and every one of the 15,000 doors so far has had it’s relevant information uploaded, the level of detail we have been able to input into this system is second to none!… from:

–  Overall building compartment drawings
–  Individual ironmongery component specifications inc. tech subs
–  Installation information
–  Inspection reports
–  Continued maintenance programme uploads

This system gives the full overview for our clients; not only from ourselves but also from the other separate entities coming together onsite to carry out the works. It enables everyone involved to quickly and easily add to the information chain.

It’s all very well having a shiny sticker or NFC tag to attach to the products but it really is just a portal to the most important part of the system… the software! If you are looking at implementing a new digital system, my view is this…

–  Look to engage a product that is tried and tested.
–  Look to ensure that product has the capacity to fulfill its functionality on a day to day basis.
–  Look to ensure that the rigorous amount of data input from multiple devices and sources is within the systems capacity.
–  Look for proof and ask for bonafide case studies and recommendations documenting projects and portfolios of significance that show the system has more substance than the the cheaply made QR and NFC portal gimmicks.
–  Look for assurances the system still evolving.
–  Look for assurances of further investment in development.

If all of the above is in place and forthcoming… it is fit for purpose!

FireDNA has been all of the above and more for us and our clients and long may it continue!”

Elliott Brown
Managing Director / Owner
The FDI  (The Fire Door Inspectors)