The recent FIS article on ‘The Register of Higher-Risk Buildings and what it means for us’ again brings to mind how further legislation is really going to drive the need for ‘better information management’ in the construction and fit-out sectors.

The Higher‐Risk Buildings (Key Building Information etc.) (England) Regulations, which introduce the requirement for Principal Accountable Persons to register Higher‐Risk Buildings, will come into force on 6 April 2023. Detailed guidance from the Building Safety Regulator is expected to be published shortly with full implementation of the Building Safety Act completed by October 2023.

As the article explains ‘A significant amount of information will be required, including the materials used in the structure, roof and external walls; the number of staircases; the fire and smoke control equipment in the building; and the type of evacuation strategy’.

Legislation change, requiring ‘live data’ and information to be digitally recorded ‘as built’ is key, and really reinforces our ethos in our monitoring of passive fire products in the built environment.

FireDNA empowers duty-holders to improve competencies, raise safety standards and achieve compliance, by delivering and accessing ‘real-time’ information at the point of need, which can ultimately help to save lives“.

You can read the full FIS article here

And a full copy of the Building Safety Act 2022 is available