The third Report from the Competence Steering Group (CSG) ‘A Higher Bar’ published this week, urges the industry to embrace new standards and frameworks to achieve a ‘competence-led’ built environment.

The CSG, in the wake of the Grenfell tower fire, is urging companies and individuals in ‘safety-critical occupations’ to adopt new competence practices and measures for a safer built environment.

The CSG was established five years ago by the Industry Response Group and chaired by Construction Industry Council (CIC) Chief Executive, Graham Watts OBE, with CIC acting as the administrator. Watts said:

“We have laid the foundations of a new infrastructure for skills, knowledge, experience and behaviours. Coupled with strong legislation and enforcement, these new standards, frameworks and assessments, which have been developed by industry for industry, should help move us to a higher level.

He added: “There is still a long way to go. As we move into the implementation phase it is incumbent on those working in all professions and trades in life-critical disciplines to attain these higher levels of competence. Only then can we rebuild the trust of those who occupy and live in the buildings we design, construct and manage.”

You can download a free copy of the report here

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