It’s interesting scouring the media across the construction, fit-out and building asset management sectors that there is a lot more coverage around ‘what the Tenants and Residents feel’ particularly in relation to Fire Safety concerns.

There was a good article on the IFSEC GLOBAl website outlining the results of a recent study that had been undertaken as to ‘how safe UK tenants feel in their homes’ due to fire safety concerns. Only 40% of tenants surveyed felt completely safe, while 41% said they had observed fire safety hazards in their buildings. You can read the full article here

As we know the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022: Fire Door Guidance states:

2.4. Regulation 10 makes requirements in relation to two matters, namely:

•  Information about flat entrance doors that the Responsible Person must give to all residents (whether tenants or leaseholders) – this requirement relates to all blocks of flats

•  Routine checks of fire doors that the Responsible Person must ensure are carried out – these checks are only required in blocks of flats in which the top storey is more than 11m above ground level (typically, a building of more than four storeys). You can read the full guidance here

Designed to facilitate the two Regulation 10 items above:

FireDNA` makes the delivery of ‘Information about flat entrance doors’ to all Residents simple, efficient and cost effective. Data within the FireDNA cloud can not only be easily shared, but also helps with ‘version control’, so the Responsible Person(s) have a digital log of what went to who when, and that can’t be tampered with or changed retrospectively.

FireDNA provides a centralised digital register for all inspection regimes whether that be quarterly, annually or both. Our software also logs all maintenance and remedial works carried out on each asset, which is again not only date and time stamped but also catalogues who carried out the work and if they were qualified to do so.

In addition FireDNA brings many more benefits for everyone involved in manufacture, installation, inspection and on-going maintenance and monitoring of passive fire products in the built environment. Find out more about how we can help duty-holders to improve competencies, raise safety standards and achieve compliance.