It’s good to see that the updated Fire Safety legislation that came into force over the last year or so is starting to take effect. Prosecutions are becoming more prevalent each week, with those that are failing to comply being brought to task.

We’ve had cases of Fire Risk Assessors being prosecuted where assessment reports have been found to be ‘insufficient’ and ‘sub-standard’.

There have been cases where developers are failing to honour their ‘developer remediation contracts’ in a timely manner. The most recent prosecution only last week, as reported by the Construction Enquirer where Newham Council have successfully pursued legal action against Chaplair Ltd for not removing flammable cladding by the required remediation date. The case returns for sentencing at Westminster Magistrates Court next week. You can read the full article here

As the legal requirements become more stringent, and compliance and competency reporting is playing an ever increasing role, it’s our job as software developers to align our digital services and products with those requirements. We make it easier and more cost effective for Building Owners, FM’s and ‘Responsible Persons’ to capture, maintain and share that critical fire safety information and data. Not only will this reinforce the ‘Golden Thread’ and drive transparency and competencies, but will also increasingly help to support Building Owners to protect themselves from a legal standpoint, and under the scrutiny of their insurers.

Our Fire Door and Doorset monitoring Software and App is blazing a trail in Fire Door compliance with over 25,000 further Fire Doors added into our system in just the last few months!

But we’ve not been sat on our laurels, with our Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) Module about to be launched in the coming weeks (we’ll keep you informed on the exact launch date) and other internal passive fire monitoring products being rolled-out during late 2023 into early 2024, we are shadowing the legislation closely, and adapting our product offering accordingly.

We’ve also set our sights on further fire safety monitoring applications, with the possibility of moving into external passives such as Cladding (EWS), Cantilever Balconies, Class A1 and A2 building materials to name but a few… watch this space!