Regulation 10 outlines that… ‘Residents and Tenants should be encouraged to allow the Fire Door Inspectors on behalf of the Responsible Person(s) access to their property at the scheduled date and time to inspect their flat entrance doors’. Read the full Fact Sheet

If access cannot be gained, the Responsible Person(s) will need to prove that they have made several attempts to do so, and those attempts will need to be recorded.

Where Inspectors have been unable to gain access on behalf of the Responsible Person(s), using the FireDNA App, they can digitally log and date stamp (along with photographic evidence) that they were at the designated location at the scheduled time. This data will appear in the ‘Inspection History’ and also be flagged-up in the Building Status Reports provided to the Building Owner. Several Building Owners have stated that they are only allowing 3 access attempts to be made before initiating ‘more formal’ access requests.