Fire Door cores, frame to wall packing and intumescent fillers, intumescent lock case sleeves, intumescent hinge pads, glazing seals and gaskets etc, if manufactured and installed correctly are all hidden to the naked eye.

The only way to ascertain if these elements have been specified, produced and installed correctly, to meet the required fire test evidence, (if there’s no associated documentation), is through an invasive inspection, which involves additional time and cost. Invasive procedures then have to be made-good, again incurring further time and cost.

By using FireDNA, the ‘DNA’ data and images input by the supply chain; from manufacturers to installers and maintenance teams, make all of these critical components, materials and finishes ‘virtually visible’ with a quick scan of your mobile device. FireDNA dramatically reduces the need for invasive procedures, and therefore assets are quicker to inspect and report on.

This ultimately not only saves time and money, but also makes the whole process much more efficient, transparent and unambiguous, and the data accessible and easily shared inline with the latest legislation.

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