In addition to our highly detailed Fire Door Safety Status Reports, Fire Door Inspection Audits, and Maintenance and Remedial Work Schedules & Costing Spreadsheets, we have further expanded our reporting functionality and tools in-line with the latest regulations that came into force on the 1st October.

Two key aspects of the new ‘Phase 3’ fire safety legal provisions within Section 156 of the Building Safety Act 2022 states that Responsible Persons (RPs) should:

•  Increase requirements in relation to the recording and sharing of fire safety information thus creating a continual record throughout a building’s lifespan… and

•  Ensure residents have access to comprehensive information about fire safety in their building

FireDNA now enables you to create the following additional Fire Door Reports in-line with this guidance and easily share them with relevant stakeholders with a simple click of a button:

•  Residents & Tenants Fire Door Safety Information; Annual Fire Door Inspection Reports for individual entrance doors can be requested by Tenants and Residents through their free App. These reports can also be formatted by floor or building by the Building Owner if required.

•  Quarterly Communal Door Check; New functionality that allows competent maintenance teams or RPs to carry our quarterly communal door checks in-line with the Regulation 10 guidance, where damage or defects can be identified and passed on to qualified inspectors to further inspect, evaluate and formally report on.

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