FireDNA has been instrumental in getting the new ‘Data Communications Products’ category added to NBS Source. Having worked closely with the NBS team over the last year, we are delighted to now announce that FireDNA is now live on NBS Source!

Architects and Specifiers can now initiate the ‘Golden Thread’ of information, by adding the FireDNA Software and Tagging System to their passive fire product specifications by searching NBS Source for the following new clauses:


•  Pr_70_75_20_22 Digitally enabled data tags


•  L20/480 Doorsets
•  L20/55 Doorsets

By applying FireDNA in NBS Chorus, Architects and Specifiers can ‘digitally share’ their specification data passing it seamlessly along the ‘chain of responsibility’ through Manufacturers, and onto Contractors and Installers, Fire Inspectors, and ultimately the Building Owners ‘responsible persons’ and Residents. Which in turn helps to enforce the implementation standards and compliance criteria from inception to installation and sign-off.

You can find out more about FireDNA on NBS Source here