To be extra diligent!

Many of us by now have put up our Christmas decorations, and many thousands more will do so this coming weekend.

This has, and no doubt will, spark many ingenious ways to get our illuminations twinkling, from socket to adaptor, from extension lead to tree! But unfortunately this does increase the fire risk in our homes, offices and work places.

Here’s a few pointers for us all to help keep each other safe from fire this Christmas.

Tenants and Residents

•  Check your Christmas tree lights conform to the correct British Standard (BS EN 60598)

•  Always switch Christmas lights off and unplug them at the end of the day

•  Don’t overload plug sockets and / or extension leads or adaptors

•  Never leave burning candles unattended

•  Never place Christmas decorations near open fires or candles as they burn easily and rapidly

•  Make sure all outdoor lights and equipment are run through an RCD (residual current device) as these automatically shut-off if faults occur

•  Check on elderly relatives and neighbours to make sure they are ‘fire safe’

•  Never leave cooking unattended – as most house or flat fires start in the kitchen

•  Check all of your smoke alarms are working

•  Make a fire escape plan – just in case you have an emergency during the festive period

Building Owners & Landlords

Make sure all of your Fire Door assets are safe, working correctly and your records are up-to-date, digitally logged and accessible.


Have a Merry ‘safe’ Christmas, and a Happy ‘fire free’ New Year!