FireDNA connects people with products, tasks and responsibilities, enabling critical passive fire product data to be accurately and efficiently captured, maintained and shared, underpinned with what we’ve termed the “Four C’s”

Easily upload and share manufacturers and suppliers passive fire products specifications and third-party fire test evidence certification, along with any installation guidance and permitted onsite repairs or adjustments.

Actively demonstrate the core competencies of contractors, installers and maintenance teams, evidencing with photography installations and remedial works, which are date stamped, and can be digitally signed-off and handed-over.

Seamlessly bring trades together, strengthening communications and enabling the sharing and handover of critical data through each stage of the products lifecycle

Effectively facilitate, evidence and give access to detailed compliance data and reporting, that can be easily shared with all stakeholders including Tenants, Residents, Building Control, Fire Officers & Inspectors and Insurers.


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