BIM 4 Housing is a UK BIM initiative, a non-profit body targeting the ‘Information’ element of BIM. BIM4Housing’s vision is for all stakeholders, in the provision of housing, to maximise the value added by Better Information Management. We provide a meeting point for people passionate about making change happen. We all work on a voluntary basis, to help improve the industry and to influence its future direction.

FireDNA have joined the BIM4Housing Specialist Working Group focussing on developing a Fire Door Inspection Workstream, specifically looking at how a robust Fire Door Inspection and Data Management System protocol can be defined, developed and delivered into a ‘new standard of competence’.

The culmination of our working group’s discussions, findings, input and analysis will be output as a BIM4H Fire Doors Guidance Report, which will be available on the BIM4Housing website in the coming weeks. Our expertise in Data Capture and Formatting, Secure Cloud Data Management and ‘Real-Time’ Accessibility will prove invaluable to the Working Group.

You can find out more about BIM4Housing here