The BSR’s latest post outlines that ‘fresh responsibilities and new milestones await’ as a ‘pivotal phase lies ahead in 2024’ for everyone involved in the built environment. You can read the full news story here

The BSR says that it will continue to oversee and drive the new stringent regulatory regime for HRBs. Therefore, bringing about the systematic lasting change we know is needed for residents to be safe and to feel safe where they live.

Resident engagement and the sharing of critical fire safety information will be paramount over the coming months in demonstrating how the buildings ‘responsible persons’ (RPs) and ‘principal accountable persons’ (PAPs) are managing their buildings safety risks of spread of fire and structural failure.

One of FireDNA’s core objectives is to ensure that clear, accurate, unambiguous and up-to-date fire safety information can be easily accessed by Tenants and Residents. Using our free App those that live and work in multi-occupancy buildings, where FireDNA has been implemented, can simply scan our QR Code label to get a real-time overview of the fire safety status of the fire doors in their building. They will also be able to request a digital copy of the full fire door inspection report with the simple click of a button within the App.

Our Software and App will also, as the BSR article concludes ‘help to transform the built environment and the culture of those who shape and nurture it’.