Welcome to FireDNA… helping you ensure your buildings’ fire doors are regulation compliant from January 2023?

But first, here’s a quick summary…

FireDNA gives you total control over your ‘passive fire product’ assets

As the legal entity responsible for your building’s fire safety and ongoing compliance you need to know the precise status of the passive fire products across your property portfolio. You need up-to-the-minute ‘live data’ to enable you to make the right decisions to stay compliant and manage the ongoing operation of those assets.

What does this mean?

This means you’ll not only be able to monitor new products, such as fire doors and doorsets supplied by FireDNA accredited manufacturers, but also fit the FireDNA QR code labelling and NFC tagging system to your existing passive fire assets, allowing you to manage everything through one easy-to-use dashboard via your mobile devices or on your desktop.

Why do this?

In order to demonstrate that you have met regulatory requirements by keeping a digital audit trail of all quarterly fire doors checks, full annual inspections and that any remediation works meet manufacturers’ test evidence.

Your data is all held securely on the FireDNA cloud which gives you instant access to your passive fire product records. This supports your fire strategy and O&M Manual, allowing you to manage and share the asset data quickly and efficiently.

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