The essential 10 point guide to implementing the ‘Golden Thread’…

Are you finding the new legislation a bit overwhelming, and navigating it feels like being trapped in a maze?

Our 9 page summary guide is here to help. 

Understanding the new golden thread guidelines for fire safety is crucial for building owners to ensure you comply with the latest safety regulations. These guidelines are not just regulatory requirements; they represent essential practices that safeguard both the building and its occupants from the risk of fire.

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There are so many things to consider and the legistlation landscape is continuing to evolve, particularly for High Risk Buildings in the residential, care home, and health care sectors.

Understanding your responsibilities starts with understanding the Fire Safety Regulations, and Building Safety Act and this is the challenge.

A study undertaken by Housing Management & Maintenance* demonstrated this problem…

  • Only 24% of those surveyed completey understood the legislation
  • 56% can’t easily share data with Tenants/Residents
  • A staggering 61% don’t digitally comply with the new Regulation 10 and BS8644-1

*Source: HMM Survey – July 2023

However, the lack of understanding also extends throughout the dutyholder chain…(from product suppliers through to contractors) as surveyed by the FIS*.

  • 44% of product suppliers stating they don’t understand the Digital/Golden Thread Requirements
  • With nearly 50% stating they haven’t got a plan or have a plan but not started to get their information digitised
  • For contractors the numbers are even higher, with nearly 59% stating they don’t understand the requirements to be Digital/Golden Thread compliant

*Source: FIS Digitalisation Survey 2023

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